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Happy Rosh Hashana to the Dayana 7 group from Bladiè, Mali

Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year will be arriving this evening. Much like many Jews around the world, my family will be welcoming the year 5774.

May this be a peaceful year for all humankind.

As a Jew, I try to practice my Judaism through several ways, an important one being helping the poor. Tzdaka (charity) is an important pillar of Judaism.

And for me, one of the most morally satisfying ways of doing this has been through the U.S based organization KIVA.

With KIVA I have been able to provide micro-finance loans to people like Yelina in Cusco, Peru to buy chickens so that she can raise them and sell them on to provide for her family. Yelina successfully paid back her loan.

I was then able to re-lend the money to the “Dayana 7 group” from Bladiè, in Mali, Africa. These group of hardworking ladies raise crops such as peanuts, millet, and rice which they sell on for a profit. On average, they have four children each.

And once they pay the money back I look forward to re-lending to another individual, or group, this time in Tanzania.

I hope you will be able to join me in helping thousands of hardworking men and women in the developing world to help themselves and their families. Lets make their year a sweet year by giving them to opportunity to fight poverty. I have included an invitation link below


Shana Tova,

Meir Javedanfar

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Posted on : Sep 04 2013
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Iran’s likely reaction to attack against Syria

As the prospects of war between the US and Syria increase, the question which is increasingly being asked is: what is likely to be Iran’s reaction?
My latest piece explains:


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Posted on : Aug 30 2013
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Hezbollah accuses Hamas of terrorism

Never a dull moment in this region.

Hezbollah is accusing Hamas for taking part in the recent bombing in southern Beirut where many Hezbollah members live.

My latest piece discusses this. Please share with friends and family.


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Posted on : Aug 23 2013
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Rouhani: A new era for Iran?

Ghanbar Naderi from Tehran and yours truly from Tel Aviv discuss the presidency of Rohani and what it means for Iran.

You can watch the debate here:


Plus my latest article on the latest sanctions being proposed by the House of Representatives and what they mean for Israel and Iran


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Posted on : Aug 04 2013
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Fall of Morsi: Impact on Iran and Israel

Dear friends, I enclose 3 articles which I published last week, analyzing the potential fallout from the fall of Morsi on:

1- Iran


2- The Middle East (this article was written and published before it was announced that Morsi has been removed from power)


3- Israel (article written and published in Persian)


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Posted on : Jul 09 2013
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Netanyahu Needs New Iran Strategy

A new president in Iran calls for a new approach from Israel toward Iran.


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Posted on : Jun 26 2013
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Why Rowhani? What does it mean for Israel?

Why would the Supreme Leader allow someone who criticized his approach publicly, even if indirectly, to become president?

Why not falsify the results, as in 2009, and appoint a ‘yes man’ like Jalili or a close associate such as Tehran Mayor Qalibaf?

My latest piece looks into such questions, and what Rowhani’s victory means, especially for Israel.


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Posted on : Jun 17 2013
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Iran’s Supreme Investor

One of the ways to look at the role of the supreme leader in the upcoming elections is to see him as the Iranian regime’s answer to Warren Buffett. My latest piece for Bloomberg explains why and how:


What are the likely results of Iran’s upcoming elections?


Podcast interview on Iran Elections and Iran in Israeli Foreign Policy


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Posted on : Jun 12 2013
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