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Ali Khamenei is To Blame For Sanctions

Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, is responsible more than anyone else,  for the latest round of sanctions against the Islamic Republic.


Posted on : Jun 22 2010
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The Turkey vs Iran Flotilla Race

To some Iranians, the Turkish flotilla shouldn’t be interpreted as an attack on the Israeli siege of Gaza, but first and foremost as an assault against their influence in Gaza.

Iran’s efforts to send its own flotilla are testimony to that.



Posted on : Jun 18 2010
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Time to Lift the Gaza Strip Embargo

The Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip hurts Israel far more than it does Hamas.


Posted on : Jun 13 2010
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Iran – One Year After

On Saturday 12th of June, it will be one year since Iran’s controversial presidential elections took place.
The article below asks: one year on, what has changed?


Posted on : Jun 10 2010
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Immediate global anti Israel demonstrations – except in Tehran

The takeover of the Turkish-flagged Mavi Marmaris by Israeli commandos led to demonstrations in numerous places around the world. People in  Baku, Istanbul, and as far away as Edmonton, Canada, marched on the streets to voice their opposition to Israel’s actions.

However, in Tehran and in other big cities in Iran, the streets have been eerily quiet.

Just what is going on? Has Ayatollah Khamenei become shy ?


Posted on : Jun 03 2010
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Flotilla Fiasco Boon for Iran

What’s likely to make Tehran particularly happy is the fact that Israel walked into a trap, with its eyes wide open.


Posted on : Jun 01 2010
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