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Factors behind rise of antisemitic rhetoric in Iranian politics

The recent antisemitic outburst by Iran’s vice president is the culmination of a recent rise in the public use of anti-Semitic language in Iran. In Iranian press and politics, use of the term “Yahoodi Sefat” meaning “of Jewish character” is being heard more often as a character assassination tool.

My latest article explains why:


Posted on : Jun 29 2012
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Implications of Morsi’s Win in Egypt For Iran

My latest analysis looks at the implications of Morsi’s win in Egypt for the government of Ayatollah Khamenei in Iran.


Posted on : Jun 25 2012
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Iran isolates itself in its nuclear stand

Khamenei seems to be holding out for an opportunity to create a split in the international community, especially the P5+1 group.


Posted on : Jun 21 2012
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Could China, Russia Rescue Iran?

Iran’s leadership may be hoping that Beijing and Moscow will step in and help it with the West.

But will they?

My latest article tries to answer this question:


Posted on : Jun 08 2012
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