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The start of an Iranian intifada

This is a battle which Khamenei will find extremely cumbersome to win. In fact, if developments continue in their current format, they could lead to regime change.


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Posted on : Dec 28 2009
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I recently started twitting about regional affairs.

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Kind regards, Meir

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Posted on : Dec 09 2009
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Yachtsmen and Iran’s anger with UK

If the sailors arrested in the Persian Gulf are being punished for being British, Tehran’s fear of the BBC could be a major factor.


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Posted on : Dec 01 2009
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Obama Should Reject Iran’s Offer

As things stand today, President Obama would be well advised to reject Iran’s response.


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Posted on : Oct 30 2009
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Analysis: Iran deal is victory for Obama, for now

After 3 days of intense negotiations, a draft deal has been reached between Iran and the West.
To find out the accomplishments for the recently declared Nobel Peace Prize winner, click below:
To find out the accomplishments for Iran’s very much undead Supreme Leader:
Wait until tomorrow or the day after

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Posted on : Oct 21 2009
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Ahmadinejad has no Jewish roots

The Daily Telegraph recently published a piece which claims that Ahmadinejad’s family converted from Judaism to Islam after his birth. As the coauthor of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s first biography, I examined the article and its findings.


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Posted on : Oct 05 2009
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Paranoia Takes Hold of Tehran

One of the major consequences of Iran’s recently disclosed nuclear facility in Qom is the review and possible revamp of Iran’s counter-intelligence policies and activities.


Joint interview with Dr Seyed Mohammad Marandi of Tehran University http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ip0-AwCRaAg

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Posted on : Oct 01 2009
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Iran’s crisis has nuclear fallout

Many Iranians will now start to see their nation’s nuclear programme as a tool of the regime’s leadership, not of the people.


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Posted on : Jul 23 2009
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