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Ali Khamenei: Preparing for the day after

On the 24th of July 2009, an ARIA Air flight from Tehran to Mashhad crash landed, killing 17 people, including the pilot and the co-pilot.
Results of the ensuing investigations showed that a serious quarrel between the pilot and co-pilot was a major cause of  the crash.
Khamenei seems to be worried that the same could happen to his regime, and could take appropriate action to avoid the same fate.


Posted on : Oct 21 2011
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Iranian bomb plot and its domestic implications

What are the likely domestic implications of the recent plot against the Saudi ambassador for Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei?


Posted on : Oct 18 2011
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Was Khamenei Reckless – Or Set Up?

Claims Iran was plotting to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador on US soil are extraordinary. Would Iran’s supreme leader really have OK’d such a plot? or was he set up?


Posted on : Oct 13 2011
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Iran negotiations have been a force multiplier

Negotiations with Iran have also done much to boost the credibility of the U.S. and the rest of the P5+1 at the expense of the Iranian government.

This was demonstrated after the revelation by the U.S. of a secret enrichment site in Fordo, in Central Iran. Had this revelation been made during the Bush era, it would have likely been met with considerably more skepticism.


Posted on : Oct 03 2011
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