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Radio, TV Interviews and Newspaper Quotes

A sample of some of the interviews with Meir Javedanfar:

AINA, September 6th 2011, Is civil war in Syria inevitable?
The Diplomat, September 2nd 2011, Why Iran eyes a Syrian civil war

The Guardian, August 28th 2011, Will Hezbollah desert Assad before the end?

Foreign Policy, August 24th 2011, The martyr state myth
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, August 18th 2011, Iran, Azerbaijan, And Turkey: Zero problems? Zero chance
Washington Times, August 17th 2011, Hard-line forces seek payback in next election
Huffington Post, August 16th 2011, Iran’s hard-liners seek payback in next election

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, August 10th 2011, Syria clouds Turkey’s sunny parade with Iran
Hudson New York, July 27th 2011, Nuclear cooperation between Argentina and Iran?

The Atlantic, July 22nd 2011, Iran’s failed Latin America outreach

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, June 29th 2011, Saudi oil threat to Iran rings hollow
Peninsula On-Line, June 26th 2011, Why Israel is wrong about Iran
U TV, June 25th 2011, Why Israel is wrong about Iran
Arms Control Wonk, June 17th 2011, More on the Gerdab nuke test story
Global Security Newswire, June 9th 2011, Iran Guard anticipates domestic nuke test

The National, May 30th 2011, Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei ends row with President Ahmadinejad

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, May 27th 2011, Ahmadinejad And Larijani Tussle In An Oil Slick
Al-Ahram, Issue 19-25 May 2011, Besiged monarchs
The Jewish Chronicle, May 19th 2011, Iran anxious over losing Syrian ally
Center for American Progress, May 16th 2011, Corraling IranThe Diplomat, May 13th 2011, Why Iran misses Bin Laden
The Windsor Star, May 10th 2011, Iran closer to regional domination

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, May 6th 2011, Ahmadinejad floored by bugs, spirits, and djinns

The National, May 2nd 2011, Iran’s President ends political spat

Moment Magazine, May/June 2011 issue, What is Israel’s next move in the new Middle East?
Christian Science Monitor, April 28th 2011, Palestinian unity deal gives Netanyahu new line of attack
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, April 27th 2011, The ice melts in Iran’s cold war with Egypt
Seattle Post Intelligencer, April 23rd 2011, Iran on edge as ally Syria fights for survival
The National, April 17th 2011, Syria’s unrest eyed closely by Iran
Jerusalem Post, March 08th 2011, Rafsanjani loses key role on Iranian state panel

Guadian, March 8th 2011, Iran’s former president Rafsanjani steps down from assembly role
Business Week, February 1st 2011, “Iran arms shipment may deal setback to expansion of Africa ties
Bloomberg, February 1st 2011, “ElBaradei, Kissinger on Egypt
Foreign Policy, January 31st 2011, “What do Israel and Iran have in common?
The Atlantic, January 31st 2011, “An Israeli opportunity in a Lebanese crisis
The Diplomat, January 28th 2011, “The importance of Bahrain

Huffington Post, January 26th 2011, “Iran’s allies gain clout and possible softer edges

The Peninsula, January 20th 2011, “Iran will stay tough on nuclear issue
RFE/RL, January 18th 2011, “Afghans seek new fuel source as warm relations with Tehran turn frosty

The Diplomat, January 17th 2011, “Wikileaks’ awkward reading for Iran

Associated Press, January 11th 2011, “Iran says more than 10 suspects linked to Mossad”

Christian Science Monitor September 8th 2009, “Israel’s 455 new settler homes appease Netanyahu allies”

CNN en Español September 3rd 2009, Interview about the new Iranian cabinet
Guardian September 3rd 2009, “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s cabinet includes female minister and man wanted over terror attack”
Jerusalem Post August 31st 2009, “Israel and Egypt: Closer than expected”
Chicago Tribune August 28th 2009, “Nuclear drive a casualty of Iran’s turmoil”
Jerusalem Post August 27th 2009, “Iran’s dilemma”
NPR August 26th 2009, “For Israel, a nuclear Iran poses existential threat”
Washington Times August 21st 2009, “Netanyahu quietly blocks Jewish settlement permits”
Irish Examiner August 21st 2009, “Megrahi release puts Anglo-Libyan trade ties back on track”
Nederlands Dagblad August 21st 2009, “Ahmadinejad – Altijd in afwachting van de wederkomst”
Reuters August 19th 2009, “Instant view: Iran to nominate new oil minister”

France24 July 29th, Live round table on Iran, what’s next?

CNN July 27th 2009, “U.S., Israel, and Iran”

CNN Espanol – “Israel va a atacar a Iran?”

Berlingske Tidende July 26th 2009, “Irans præsident spiller med musklerne”

PRI’s The World July 20th 2009, “Obama’s Mideast policy”

Los Angeles Times July 18th 2009, “Iranian protesters galvanized by sermon”

VOA News July 18th 2009, “New Iranian Nuclear Head Urges Mutual Trust With West”

Berlingske Tidende July 17th 2009, “Nyt liv i iranske protester”

Berlingske Tidende July 13th 2009, “Religiøs leder støtter iranske protester”

Público July 1st 2009, “Irão: A república dos mullahs agora é a dos Pasdaran”

Canadian Broadcasting Channel (CBC) June 20th 2009, Interview regarding the regional implications of current events in Iran

MSNBC June 20th 2009, TV interview about the implications of Khamenei’s recent speech on demonstrations

Polish TV June 20th 2009, Interview regarding impact of Ahmadinejad’s recent visit to Russia on bilateral relations

Los Angeles Times June 19th 2009, “The beginning of the end for the Islamic Republic?

Seattle Post-Intelligencer June 19th 2009, “Feared Basij militia could transform Iran showdown

El Periódico June 19th 2009, “Meir Javedanfar, analista político: «Jamenei desea a su lado a un soldado fiel como Ahmadineyad»

Europa Quotidiano June 18th 2009, “L’Occidente tifi Mousavi, ma senza interferire

VOA News June 19th 2009, “Iran’s Supreme Leader warns protesters”
FOX Business June 19th 2009, Interview about the impact of Iran elections on relations with the US
FOX Business June 19th 2009, Phone interview on implications of Khamenei’s speech
The Associated Press June 18th 2009, “Iran accuses the US of meddling in election crisis”
BBC News June 18th 2009, “Call for day of mourning in Iran”
Russia Today June 16th 2009, “Re-election in Iran possible if supreme leader sees fit – expert”
VOA News June 15th 2009, “Demostrator killed by gunfire at Iranian election protests”
Toronto Star June 15th 2009, “Iran’s election showdown plays out on bloody streets”
Al Jazeera English June 14th 2009, Interview about implications of unrest in Iran on Khamenei’s rule
BBC Persian June June 14th 2009, “Most Israelis could live with a nuclear Iran”
Boston Globe June 14th 2009, “Iranian election uproar tests US”
Rzeczpospolita (Polish) June 13th 2009, “Czy władze sfałszują wynik wyborów prezydenckich w Iranie”
Washington Institute for Near East Policy June 12th 2009, “The Iranian elections: Politics of the Supreme Leader vs. Power of the President”
Foreign Policy June 12th 2009, “Iran elections (updated saturday)”
Alibaba News Channel June 11th 2009, “Iran’s economy needs more than a vote”
Real Clear Politics June 8th 2009, “Special Event: RealClearWorld looks at Iran election”
New Jersey Jewish News June 4th 2009, “Iran expert: Diplomacy without the scare tactics”
VOA News May 28th 2009, “Saudis, others looking forward to Obama visit”
Christian Science Monitor May 27th 2009, “Israeli cabinet to consider loyalty oath for citizens – including Arabs”
Ynet News May 23rd 2009, “Obama, Israel and the Iranian threat”
VOA News May 21st 2009, “Netanyahu: all of Jerusalem to remain Israeli”
Gant Daily May 21st 2009, “Iran threatens to send U.S. allies ‘into hell'”

The Associated Press March 20th , 2009‎Israel’s Peres sends holiday greeting to Iran”

Forbes March 20th , 2009‎Obama, Peres Love Iran… Honest

La Nacion March 20th , 2009‎Los niños no pueden desayunar uranio

New York Times -‎Mar 18, 2009‎ “After Gaza, Israel Grapples With Crisis of Isolation”

BBC Persian March 17thIsraeli army looks into allegations of abuse in Gaza

Los Angeles Times-‎Mar 16, 2009‎ “Iranian moderate drops bid for presidency”

CNN Espanol March 15th 2009 Entrevista sobre presencia de Iran en Ecuador

La Vanguardia- ‎Mar 9, 2009‎ “Irán quiere ser la superpotencia del mundo islámico”

Ha’aretz-‎Mar 9, 2009‎ “Iran: Hostile drones disrupted our satellite launch”

Il Sussidiario.net-‎Mar 10, 2009‎ “MEDIORIENTE/ Aerei spia nei cieli dell’Iran, forse tentativo di sabotaggio del satellite Omid

The Jewish Chronicle 05/02/2009 oped entitled “Analysis: Is the nuclear threat imminent?

Le Figaro – 05/02/2009 Quote for article “Les mollahs divisés sur un dialogue avec Washington”

BBC Persian TV 04/02/2009 Interview regarding Hilary Clinton’s visit to the Middle East

The Jewish Week – ‎Mar 4, 2009‎ Quote for article “Ashkelon, Back In Cross Hairs”

South African Broadcasting Corporation 03/02/2009 Interview regarding Hilary Clinton’s visit to the Middle East

Guardian oped published 03/02/2009 entitled “The grand bargain with Tehran

El Periódico de Catalunya -‎Feb 28, 2009‎ Quote for article “LA TENSIÓN EN EL ORIENTE PRÓXIMO”

L’Expression-‎Feb 18, 2009‎ Quote for article “De Khomeiny au satellite Omid”

Guardian – ‎Feb 11, 2009‎ Quote for article “The election result no one is happy with”

Reuters Feb Quote for article 17, 2009 Israel engaged in covert war inside Iran: report”

BBC Mundo (Spanish) Feb 6th Interview for article “El anhelo de los jóvenes iraníes

Forbes, NY- Feb 4, 2009 Interview for article “Ahmadinejad’s Legacy Not Worth The Fireworks”

Jerusalem Post, Israel- Jan 27, 2009 wrote oped entitled Another price of the Gaza operation”

Washington Times,DC- Jan 26, 2009 – wrote oped entitled Iran and Israel to look back and ahead on Feb. 10″

Rzeczpospolita, Poland- Jan 23, 2009 Interview for article Bruksela wzmacnia irańską opozycję”

Forbes, NY – Jan 14, 2009 Interview for article “Gaza Backlash Hits European Firms”

France24 09/01/2009 Meir Javedanfar participated in a panel about the deadlock in Gaza. Part 1 and Part 2

Deutsch Welle Interview in Farsi about Iran’s position in the Gaza fighting. To read click here To listen click here

The National,United Arab Emirates 08/01/09 – Quote for article “Theatre mixes with rage in the rhetoric from Iran”

Bloomberg News 08/01/2009 Quote for article “Israel Presses Gaza Offensive as UN Calls for Truce”. To read the article click here

Foreign Policy Passport 07/01/2009 – Quote by Meir Javedanfar in article entitled “Ahmadinejad is having the best week ever”

MSNBC news 06/01/2009 Interview about chances of ceasefire being implemented

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 05/01/2009 – Quote for article “Iran und der Krieg im Gazastreifen”

MSNBC news 04/01/2009 Interview with Meir Javedanfar about the Gaza invasion. To watch click here

MSNBC, news, 03/01/2009 Interview with Meir Javedanfar and Col Jacobs on Israel’s goals in Gaza. To watch the interview click here

Bloomberg, Mike Schneider show 02/01/2009 – Interview with Meir Javedanfar about the situation in Gaza

Los Angeles Times 01/01/2009 – Interview for article Iran adopts a bellicose posture on the Gaza conflict

BBC Persian, 30/12/2008 Interview regarding Israel’s exit strategy from Gaza

The London Guardian, 29/12/2008, quote for article “Israeli strikes on Gaza: What are the motives?”

Jerusalem Post 26/12/2008 oped “ Analysis: Israel trying to ensure that Hamas can’t become another Hezbollah”

Christian Science Monitor 24/12/2008 Interview for article “Gaza: Why Israel and Hamas are trading rocket fire”

Christian Science Monitor, 23/12/2008 Interview for article “Domestic politics fuels Gaza conflict”

Los Angeles Time 22/12/2008 “Conflicting reports on Iran, Russia missile deal”

Boston Globe 22/12/2008 Interview for article “Iran election raises hope for change”

New York Jewish Week 17/12/2008 Interview for article “Testing The Truce”

New York Jewish Week, 10/12/2008 Interview for article “Likud Primary Boosts Feiglin”

Le Figaro , France 08/12/2008 Quote for article “Iran : le mystère des missiles russes”

Prodigy msn, Mexico 04/12/2008 quote for article “ELECCION IRANI ELEVA ESPERANZAS DE CAMBIO”

BBC Persian 20/11/2008 Interview in Farsi about the recent attacks in Hebron against Israeli soldiers and Palestinians

WDYT 1220 Radio – 20/11/2008 Interview with Danny Fontana about recent IAEA report on Iran.

Jerusalem Post, 19/1/2008 oped “Does this mean it’s too late? Not yet

NPR, 19/11/2008 Quote in article “Iranian Blogger Arrested?” To read the article click here

Haaretz, 18/11/2008 Quote in article “Iranian blogger who visited Israel arrested for spying”

Globe and Mail, Canada, 18/11/2008 Quote in article “Canadian blogger feared arrested in Iran”

UPI – 18/11/2008 Quote in article “Report: Iranian blogger arrested”. To read click here

Jerusalem Post 16/11/2008 Quote in article “Israel, Germany reportedly develop missile warning system”

BBC Radio 5 Live – 08/111/2008 Interview regarding visit by Tony Blair to Sharm Al Sheikh and the viability of the Quartet

BBC Persian – 08/11/2008 Interview regarding the breakdown of talks between Hamas and Fatah.

CNN 04/11/2008 – Interview with Ben Wedeman “Obama’s Mideast challenges” To watch click here

CNN Espanol 04/11/2008 – Entrevista en vivo con Jose Levy sobre los desafios de approxima presidente de EEUU en el Medio Oriente

CNN Espanol – 02/11/2008 – Entrevista con Jose Levy por la crónica de dia, sobre programa nuclear de Iran

FRANCE24 – 03/11/2008 Live round table with 3 other experts about foreign policy priorities for the next president

CNS News 04/11/2008 Quote in article “In Iran, A Call for Suicide Bombers to Attack the US”. To read click here

Los Angeles Times and Seattle Times– 02/11/2008 Quote in article “Some Israelis feel an urgency to attack Iran”.To read click here

Jerusalem Post – 02/11/2008 – oped entitled “Analysis: Why is Lieberman taking on Mubarak?” To read click here

Jerusalem Post – 23/10/2008 Quote in article “An Iranian gambit?”. To read click here

WDYT 1220 – 28/10/2008 Interview for the Danny Fontana Show

PoliGazette, Netherlands – 27/09/2008 Analysis of latest article by Meir Javedanfar, entitled “Why Ahmadinejad Fears Falling Oil Prices

Bolsonweb, Argentina 26/09/2008 – Quote for article “Una nueva guerra?”

El Mundo, Spain – 25/09/2008 Interview in Spanish for article “Israel comprar? a EEUU 25 aviones F-35″

PoliGazette,Netherlands – 25/09/2008 Analysis of latest article by Meir Javedanfar, entitled Iran’s People’s Militia Gets Air Force”

International Herald Tribune, France 16/09/2008 , interview for article “Israeli political rivals share stance on Iran

Press TV, Iran: 09/08/2008 Quote for article “Israeli expert: Iran needs nuclear energy

Christian Science Monitor, US – Interview for article 08/09/2008 “For Iran, energy woes justify nuclear push

Jerusalem Post, 08/09/2008 Israel oped entitled “Iran has a date with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Christian Broadcasting Network, USA – 09/09/2008 Analysis of article by Meir Javedanfar “All eyes on Iran, but don’t forget Pakistan

WDYT 1220 AM US, 07/09/2008 Interview with Meir Javedanfar regarding Iran’s strategies towards Iraq. To listen click here

France 24 TV 04/09/2008 – Round table with Meir Javedanfar and other experts from Syria, US and France about president Sarkozy’s visit to Damascus. Part 1 Part 2

New York Jewish Week, 27/08/2008, quote for article “Peace Process: Running In Place”

Jerusalem Post – 24/08/2008 oped by Meir Javedanfar, entitled “Power hungry”.

PoliGazette,Netherlands 28/08/2009 , quote for article “Why Syria’s Assad Wants a Cold War”

The Trumpet Magazine, USA, 12/08/2008, quote for articleIran’s Other Weapon

Reformatorisch Dagblad, Netherlands, 12/08/2008, quote for article “„Israël kan niet leven met nucleaire dreiging”

CBS News, 12/08/2009, quote for article “Israel Bolsters Its Ability To Strike Iran”

Associated Press (AP) 07/08/08 – Interview for article “Israel considers military option for Iran nukes”. To read the article click here Reprinted in ABC news, Washington Post, Yahoo, Newsweek, Khaleej Times, Fox News, and others..

Times of London 06/08/08 – Interview for article “Syrian general’s killing severs Hezbollah links”. To read the article click here

NPR Radio (USA) – 04/08/08 – Interview for report “Diplomacy With Iran Spurs Concern In Israel”. To read the article click here

BBC Persian 31/07/2008 – Interview in Farsi about the implications of Olmert’s resignations on Israel’s policies towards Iran. To listen click here

Jerusalem Post – 28/07/2008: oped “Saeed Jalili’s Pride”. To read click here

TIME Magazine- 24/07/ 2008: Interview for article “ Israel’s Debate Over an Iran Strike”.

Rzeczpospolita (Poland): Interview for article regarding human rights in Iran. To read click here

Radio Zamaneh – Interview in Farsi regarding the implications of Gordon Brown’s warnings against Iran. To listen, click here To read click here

News X India 18/07/2008 – TV interview regarding the recent negotiations between Iran and the US in Geneva

The Jewish Week : 15/07/2008 – Interview for article “Attack Kills Three In Jerusalem; Sparks Fresh Debate On East J’salem Arabs”. To read the article click here

Der Spiegel – 14/07/2008- Germany: Interview regarding the recent spat between Israel and Iran

Channel 4 News (UK) – 09/07/2008 Live interview on the 7 oclock news with John Snow and Seymore Hersh. To view click here

Chicago Tribune 09/07/2008 Interview for article “Iran rockets, rhetoric keep U.S. guessing”. To read the article click here

ABC Radio (USA) 09/07/2008 – Interview regarding the causes and implications of the latest Iranian Missile test.

BBC Persian – 09/07/2008 Interview in Farsi regarding the Israel’s concern regarding the recent Iranian missile tests. To read the article click here

Voice of America 09/07/2008 – Interview for article Israel “Expresses Concern Over Iran Missile Test”. To read the article click here , to listen to the interview click here

Washington Times 09/07/2008- Interview for article Tehran missile tests fail to impress. To read the article click here

Voice of Israel – Reshet Bet 05/07/2008 – Interview regarding the arrest of Ali Ashtari who is suspected of being a Mossad spy, in Iran.

Financial Times (Germany) – 04/07/2008 Quote for article regarding possibility of an attack by Israel against Iran. To Read click here

BBC World Service – 02/07/2008, Panelist on the program “World Have Your Say”, which brought together experts from Iran and Israel to discuss current differences between the two countries. To listen click here

BBC Persian – 02/07/2008 – Interview in Farsi regarding the recent terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

Associated Press – 26/06/2008 Interview for article “Political theater seen in Israeli drill”. Reprinted in other major news organizations such as Yahoo, IHT, FOX, The Guardian, and others

Al Jazeera English – 23/06/2008 TV Interview from London regarding the effectiveness of the latest round of banking sanctions against Iran.

Washington Times – 22/06/2008 Interview regarding the recent ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas. To read click here.

BBC Persian – 20/06/2008 – Interview in Farsi about recent Israeli Airforce maneuverer. To listen, click here

Christian Science Monitor – 20/06/2008 – Quote for Article “Gaza cease-fire: will it give Hamas greater clout?”. To read,click here

FRANCE24 TV– 18/06/2008 – Panelist on round table “will sanctions against Iran work?”. To view the interview, click here

The Forward – 05/06/2008 Interview for article “Ahmadinejad Faces Intra-Party Challenge”. To read click here

Washington Times – 03/06/2008 Interview for article “Golan residents fear losing calm home”. To read click here

Christian Science Monitor– 30/05/2008 Interview for article “For Israelis, Golan is home, not a bargaining chip”. To read click here

Exclusive Interview with The International Affairs Forum on the Iranian Nuclear program, Israel’s concerns, proposed sanctions against Iran, recent developments in Lebanon and other regional issues. To read click here

Associated Press – 27/05/2008 Interview for article “Iranian aid seen growing among militants on Israel’s flanks”. Reprinted in other media outlets such as FOX News, Yahoo, Washington Post, Salon

The Jewish Week – 21/05/2008- Interview for article “Heading Off A Gaza Invasion — For Now”. To read click here

Associated Press – 30/04/2008- Interview for article “Israeli Cabinet minister: Iran could have nuclear bomb technology this year”. The article was reprinted in International Herald Tribune, AOL news, Al Watan (Kuwait), Naharanet (Lebanon)

BBC Persian – 29/04/2008 – Interview regarding about increased intelligence cooperation between Israel and the UK.

Christian Science Monitor – Meir Javedanfar is interviewed and quoted in the article “Will Carter’s Hamas foray bear fruit?”. To read, click here

BBC Persian – Interview in Farsi regarding the impact and possible consequences of Foreign Minister Livni’s trip to Qatar

Los Angeles Times– Quote for article “IRAN: Another day, another U.S. bomb allegation”. To read the article, click here

Bloomberg: Interview from Tehran for article “Ahmadinejad’s Nuclear Mandate Reinforced by Election”. To read the article click here

VOA Persian Service: Live one hour interview in Farsi regarding the Majlis elections in Iran.

BBC Persian : 20/02/2008 – Interview in Farsi regarding the outbreak of violence between Israel and Hamas.

Times of London: 15/02/2008 – Interview for article “Pressure grows on Syria’s isolated regime”. To read click here

El Pais: Spain – Quote for article “Bush rearma Oriente Pr?ximo”. To read, click here

Associated Press: 15/01/2008 Meir Javedanfar is interviewed for article “Israel: ‘No Options’ Out on Iran Nukes”. This article was republished in ABC News, USA Today, CBS News, and others

BBC Persian, Article in Farsi entitled “Israel’s perspective regarding the new NIE report on Iran”. To read article click here

PJM Media Article By Meir Javedanfar, entitled “Iran Celebrates the NIE Report”. To read the article click here

The Guardian, London 08/12/07 for article “Unilateral military strike still an option, senior ministers insist”. To read the article click here

Radio 938 Live – Singapore 05/12/07 Interview with Meir Javedanfar regarding the findings of the new NIE report. To listen click here

Live Interview – Al Jazeera English – 05/12/07 – Regarding the impact of the US intel report, on Israel’s strategy on Iran

Associated Press – 05/12/07 – Interview for article “Israel’s defense minister disputes U.S. assessment on Iran”. Click to read the reprinted version in the International Herald Tribune, MSNBC, Pravda, and others

Financial Times – 05/12/07 – Interview for the Article “Iran relives the Shah Era”. To read the article click here

BBC Persian – 05/12/07 Interview regarding Israel’s reaction to the new US intelligence report on Iran’s nuclear Program

The Washington Times – 05/12/07 Interview for Article “Israel challenges report on nukes”. To read the article click here

The Christian Science Monitor – 12/05/2007 Interview for Article “Pressure lifts to move against Iran thanks to new intelligence report”. To read the article click here

BBC Persian – “face to face” interview between Mohammad Ali Abtahi, Iran’s former Vice President and Khatami’s number two, and Meir Javedanfar about the Annapolis conference. To read the interview (in Farsi), click here

Exclusive interview with the International Affairs Forum (IA-Forum), a publication of the Center for International Relations in Washington, on a number of issues including: Impact of Syria and Egypt’s nuclear program on negotiations with Iran. To read the article click here

Haaretz, Israel – 26/11/07 Interview regarding Iran’s reaction to the Annapolis conference. To read the article click here

Live Interview with Al Jazeera – Arabic Service – Doha Qatar regarding the implications of the new IAEA report on Iran, which stated that Iran had been truthful about its past activities

Janes Intelligence Review – Article regarding the appointment of Saeed Jalili as head of Iran’s nuclear negotiation team.

Jerusalem Post 23/10/07 – Oped by Meir Javedanfar entitled “Another major victory for messianics” To read it, click here

BBC Persian – 22/10/07 – Interview about reports that a Christian organization is paying $10,000 to each Iranian Jewish family to leave Iran.

Associated Press – Quote in article “Christians Bring Iranian Jews to Israel”. Quote reappeared along story in other publications such as Haaretz, Yediot Ahronot, FOX news, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle and others

PJM Media 21/07/2007 – Article by Meir Javedanfar entitled “Larijani’s resignation – A warning to the West”. To read the article click here

The Jerusalem Post – Meir Javedanfar and Alex Vatanka co-wrote the oped “Iran’s Al Qaeda Dilemma”. To read the oped click here

Los Angeles Times – 23/10/2007 – Interview and quote in article “Putin Stands by Iran”. To read the article click here

PJM Media – 18/10/2007 -Article by Meir Javedanfar entitled “Iran Waves Goodbye to Putin With Empty Hands” To read the article click here

Associated Press– 18/10/2007 – Quote in article “Olmert Tells Putin of Iran Concerns”. To read the article click here. Quote reappeared along story in the London Guardian, Seattle Post Intelligencer, The Statesman, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, and others….

BBC Persian 18/10/07 – Interview in Farsi about motivations of Prime Minister Olmert’s trip to Russia.

CNN – 18/10/2007 – Interview with Ben Wederman about President Bush’s warning that a nuclear Iran could cause WWIII. To watch the interview click here

CNN Espanol – 18/10/2007 – Entrevista con Jose Levi sobre programa nuclear de Iran, y las declaraciones de President Bush sobre Tehran

Le Figaro, Paris- 17/10/2007 Quote regarding the impact of Putin’s visit on Ahmadinejad’s stance inside Iran. To read the article click here

BBC Persian – 13/10/2007 Interview regarding Israeli concerns and reflections after Ayatollah Khamenei’s dismissal of the upcoming summit between Palestinian and Israeli leaders.

FOX News – 04/09/07 Interview with Mike Tobin about recent restructuring at the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC)

WPTF-AM – 04/09/07 Interview with News talk host Jack Boston about the impact of sanctions against Iran’s revolutionary Guards.

WLAC-AM Nashville – 04/09/07 Interview with host Steve Gill about the appointment of Maohhamad Ali Jafari as the head of Iran’s revolutionary Guards.

BBC Persian – 04/09/07 – Interview in Farsi with Meir Javedanfar about Israel’s decision to reroute the West Bank security barrier

PJM Media – 03/09/07 – Article by Meir Javedanfar entitled “New head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards is a former hostage taker

PJM Media – 01/09/07- Article by Meir Javedanfar entitled “Election Time In Iran’s Vatican

National Public Radio (NPR) – 23/08/07 – Report entitled “Israel Haunted by Nuclear Threat from Iran, Meir Javedanfar is interviewed and quoted regarding the ramifications of a military attack against Iran’s nuclear installations. To read the report, click here

Christian Science Monitor – 20/08/07 Interview and quote regarding the performance and constraints faced by the current Hamas government

PJM Media – 19/08/07 – Article by Meir Javedanfar entitled “Iran’s increasing Iraqi security concerns”. To read the article click here

BBC Persian – 15/08/07 – Interview in Farsi with Meir Javedanfar about the motivations and implications of Stuart Levy’s visit to Israel, and his efforts to impose sanctions against Iran.

Baltimore Sun – 29/07/07 – Exclusive interview with Meir Javedanfar about the life, policies and beliefs of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. To read the article (archived) click here

New York Times and The International Herald Tribune – Quote and interview regarding concerns in Argentina about Iran’s growing influence in the region. To read the article click here

Al Jazeera on line: – Quote in article about US cold war style of containment being applied against Iran. To read the article click here

Christian Science Monitor – Analysis and quote regarding the recent $20 Billion sale of US arms to Saudi Arabia, and its implications for Iran. To read the article click here

Haaretz – Quote in article about Ahmadinejad’s messianic beliefs and Hezbollah. To read the article click here

CNN Espanol – 23/07/07 Entrevista sobre preocupaciones de Israel con respecto a la influencia de Ir?n en Am?rica latina

NPR 23/07/07 – Radio interview regarding the Iranian nuclear program, and Ahmadinejad’s position in the Iranian defense establishment’s chain of command

PJM Media – 20/07/07 – Analysis: “Assad rides the Iranian gravy train”. To read the article click here

FOX news – 17/07/07 Interview for the Brit Hume “special report” program about the effectiveness of sanctions against Iran.

PJM Media – 14/07/07 Article: “Ahmadinejad’s Popularity Fading Fast”. To read the article click here.

TVE – 13/07/07 – Entrevista en Espa?ol con TVE, programa informe semanal , sobre la guerra entre Israel y Hezbollah, un a?o despu?s. Analisis de los logros y las derrotas de ambos lados.

Christian Science Monitor – Quote regarding Iran’s concerns about the fighting in the Gaza strip between Hamas and Fatah and how Tehran wants the situation resolved. To read the article click here

Article by Meir Javedanfar in Pajamas Media – Entitled “ Ahmadinejad’s inflammable blunder ” the article analyzes the economic and strategic implications of Ahmadinejad’s decision to ration fuel. To read the article, click here

Jerusalem Post – Quote regarding the motivations behind the establishment of a new English language TV station in Iran. To read the article click here

Haaretz – Quote regarding rising concern in Iran about the implications of Hamas’s take over of Gaza. To read the article click here

Voice of America, Persian Service – Live interview in Farsi about the motivations and implications of Ahmadinejad’s recent verbal attack against Israel, and the decision to ration fuel in Iran.

BBC Persian – Interview in Farsi about Israel’s achievements from the Six Days War of 1967. To read the article, click here

Forward– Interview with Meir Javedanfar about Iran’s concerns regarding the alleged presence of Israeli operatives in northern Iraq. To read the article click here

VOA News – Live interview and Questions and Answers session with callers from Iran (in Farsi) from Sharm Al Sheikh – Egypt regarding the Iraq conference and its implications for Iran.

BBC Persian – Interview in Farsi regarding the Labour party elections in Israel. To listen to the interview (in real player), click here

CNBC – 09/04/2007 Global Energy Review Program – Interview with Kate Russel about Iran’s Nuclear program and how the region and Iran’s population view it.

CNBC – News – 09/04/2007 Interview regarding Iran’s efforts to enrich uranium and the challenges it faces in its bid to become a nuclear power.

VOA News – 08/04/2007 – Interview regarding Israel’s relationship with Mauritania, and the challenges lying ahead. To Read the article click here. To listen to the interview click here

Radio New Zealand – News – 08/04/2007 – live interview about he implications of Ahmadinejad’s statement that Iran had started to enrich uranium on an industrial scale

CNN US edition – News – 08/04/2007 – recorded interview about the political ramifications of Ahmadinejad’s declarations on the negotiations between Iran and the UN

CNN International – Insight program – 08/04/2007, Interview with Jonathan Mann regarding US assistance to the Shah’s nuclear program

CNN International – news – 08/04/2007 – Live interview regarding the implications of Ahmadinejad’s statement that Iran had started to enrich uranium on an industrial scale and was able to produce nuclear fuel. To view a short clip, click here

RAM FM – 93.6 FM – 05/04/2007 – Live interview regarding the motivations behind the capture of British soldiers, and why Iran decided to release them.

Newstalk Ireland – 05/04/2007 – Live interview about Tony Blair’s reaction to the release of the hostages, and the role EU diplomacy played in release of the soldiers.

BBC World News (Radio) 05/04/2007 – Live interview regarding the role of the Iranian reformists in the British hostages affair, and whether they played a role in their release.

Sky News 04/04/2007- Live interview regarding Ahmadinejad’s televised speech, and why Iran decided to release the British hostages

New York Times – 04/04/2007 Interview and quote regarding Ali Larijani’s role in the release of the hostages. To read the article click here

Wall Street Journal – Interview regarding the impact of diplomacy in the release of the hostages.

BBC Radio 5 Live 04/04/2007– Live interview at 5.05 about why Iran finally decided to release the British soldiers

ABC news – 04/04/2007 – Interview with Jim Scuttio about Ahmadinejad’s role in the release of the hostages, and whether or not he was the chief decision maker in the affair.

BBC News 24 – (TV) 04/04/2007 – Live interview with Nik Gowing about whether or not the release of the hostages will impact Ahmadinejad’s popularity.

Sky News (UK) – 29/03/2007 – Live interview for 2:30 pm London news, recorded interview for Live at Five news, about the captured British military personnel in Iran.

Article by Meir Javedanfar for Pajamas Media (27/03/2007). Entitled “ Carterizing Tony Blair – Iran’s Hostage Ploy ”, the article discusses Iran’s motivations for the capture of the British military personnel.

Live interview for the 26/03/2007 Don Russell show – WBT News talk in Charlotte , North Carolina

La tercera – Entrevista en Espa?ol con el peri?dico Chileno, sobre la captura de soldados brit?nicos

Berlingske Newspaper. Interview and quote by the Danish newspaper regarding the capture of the British soldiers by Iran. To read the article click here

CNN – 09/02/2007 – TV Interview regarding the causes and consequences of General Ali Reza Asgari’s disappearance.

Christian Science Monitor – 15/03/2007 – Interview and quote for the article “Israel now open to once-rejected Arab peace plan”. To read the article, click here

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