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Iranian Mothers, Iranian Girls

Its Friday. Time to let our hair down and get ready for the weekend. Lets forget centrifuges and resolutions for a bit.

Iranian mothers. How would I describe them? “Jewish mothers on speed” is the most accurate description I could come up with.

Iranian women are also an important part of every Iranian man’s adolescence, and for some, beyond.

Iranian American comedian Max Amini shares his own experiences on Iranian mothers and Iranian girls. Hilarious. Enjoy.

Clip 1 –  Iranian Moms & Tomato Juice  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIJBwBbLMMc

Clip 2 – Persian Girls  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwO9GkmUHAU&ob=av3e

Posted on : Sep 16 2011
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Iran’s China Setback

The recent news that China has scaled back its investment in Iran’s gas and oil sector should be particularly worrisome for Iran’s leaders — possibly worse even than events unfolding in Syria.


Posted on : Sep 09 2011
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Iran and the Syrian Civil War Scenario

What is after Assad’s fall, instead of democracy and stability, civil war breaks out in Syria?

What would it mean for Iran?


Posted on : Sep 02 2011
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