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Why Ahmadinejad Should Be Heard

This article looks at Ahmadinejad’s beliefs, mysterious past, as well as current position, and recommends that the international community listens closely to his UN speech.


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Posted on : Sep 23 2009
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Did the US do a deal with Russia?

Obama’s plan to scrap the missile defence shield appears to be a smart chess move to befriend Russia and isolate China on Iran.


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Posted on : Sep 18 2009
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Why U.S.-Iran Talks Are Good for Israel

Recently, Iran offered its own set of proposals to the West. How should Israel view this latest Iranian move?
How do the Iranians see things? And what are their motivations?


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Posted on : Sep 16 2009
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Qods Day: Pro-Palestine or Anti-Ahmadinejad?

In Iran, on Qods Day (Jerusalem day- 18th of September) Iranians are told to take to the streets to protest for Palestinian rights. This Qods day is likely to be different. Its more likely to become an anti-Ahmadinejad event than a pro-Palestine gathering. The piece below explains:


This article looks at the changing nature of the Damascus – Tehran relationship and asks whether Iran and Syria are friends, or allies?


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Posted on : Sep 10 2009
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Iran: Lobbying, Schmoozing and Scheming

Think lobbying only happens in the West? Think again.  In Iran its a growing industry, and its repercussions could shape the future of Ahmadinejad’s next cabinet.

Next article – Hariri’s Hezbollah Decision Could Benefit Israelhttp://www.realclearworld.com/blog/2009/09/hariris_hezbollah_decision_cou.html

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Posted on : Sep 01 2009
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