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Obama Should Reject Iran’s Offer

As things stand today, President Obama would be well advised to reject Iran’s response.


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Posted on : Oct 30 2009
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Happy Birthday, President Ahmadinejad

Today, 28th of October, is a special day in the Ahmadinejad household. It is President Ahmadinejad’s birthday.


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Posted on : Oct 28 2009
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The Brains Behind Ahmadinejad

Many explanations have until today been provided about Ahmadinejad’s hatred for Israel. However an important one which has rarely ever been mentioned is the fact that he belongs to a group of messianic revolutionaries who follow the teachings of an Iranian philosopher who placed the teachings of a famous neo nazi sympathizer at the center of his studies.


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Draft Nuclear Deal – The Iranian Point of View

In the previous article, I looked at the possible consequences of the recent nuclear offer drafted in Vienna, for Obama. Now we look at Ayatollah Khamenei’s side of the equation.


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Posted on : Oct 23 2009
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Analysis: Iran deal is victory for Obama, for now

After 3 days of intense negotiations, a draft deal has been reached between Iran and the West.
To find out the accomplishments for the recently declared Nobel Peace Prize winner, click below:
To find out the accomplishments for Iran’s very much undead Supreme Leader:
Wait until tomorrow or the day after

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Posted on : Oct 21 2009
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Is Khamenei Dead?

There are numerous rumors circulating in the internet which suggest that Ayatollah Khamenei is in a coma. Others say that he is already dead. The piece below analyzes the rumor and its sources.


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Posted on : Oct 15 2009
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Iran and The West – The Next Nuclear Tango

On the 1st of October, Iran agreed in principle to ship 80% of its Low Enriched Uranium. Note the words IN PRINCIPLE. Nothing is guaranteed. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/oct/14/iran-nuclear-talks-obama Interview with the Toronto Star about the new US super bunker buster. Is it for Iran? http://www.thestar.com/news/world/iran/article/709168–u-s-iran-plan-a-bunker-busting-bomb

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Posted on : Oct 14 2009
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More Iranian Nuclear Scientists Defect?

The case of two missing Iranians has raised the interest of Iran’s Foreign Ministry and the press.
Ordinary tourists or nuclear scientists?

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