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Ahmadinejad’s return may be boost for Rouhani

Rouhani is the anti-Ahmadinejad and vice versa.

Their supporters view the other side with deep suspicion and animosity.

Yet the return of Ahmadinejad to Iranian politics could be good news for Rouhani.

Sounds counter intuitive?

Read below to find out why it could make sense.


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Posted on : Apr 21 2014
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Nuclear deal with Iran: Implications for Iran and Israel

My two recent articles describe the implications of the latest Iran nuclear deal for:



Iran’s supreme leader


Posted on : Nov 26 2013
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Rouhani: Between the question of Holocaust and Khamenei

Iran’s president has reportedly decided to take Iran’s Jewish MP with him to the upcoming UN General Assembly session in New York.

My latest article describes the internal dynamics behind this decision.



Posted on : Sep 23 2013
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An #Iran Virus More Dangerous Than STUXNET

A virus more dangerous than STUXNET is lurking within Iran’s halls of power. My latest article describes this virus and talks about its consequences.


Posted on : Oct 05 2012
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Fear of Iran and Syrian Bloodletting

It would follow that if a peaceful solution to the Syria crisis is to be found, all sides have to be involved, including Iran. But Iran has been totally excluded from the talks. One has to ask why.

My latest article answers this question.


Posted on : Jul 09 2012
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Iran isolates itself in its nuclear stand

Khamenei seems to be holding out for an opportunity to create a split in the international community, especially the P5+1 group.


Posted on : Jun 21 2012
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How to Avoid Disaster With Iran

Khamenei always has and always will try to lay the fault for all of Iran’s ills at the West’s doorstep. He should be relieved of this opportunity by ensuring that sanctions don’t deprive the Iranian people of food and medicine. Supplying medical isotopes to Iranian patients would therefore be another blow against the regime and its efforts to demonize the West.

To read the rest of the article, click on the link below:


Posted on : Apr 06 2012
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How To Make Khamenei Change His Mind – By Meir Javedanfar

This week I wrote and published two articles. One in English, and the other in my mother tongue of Farsi.

1. My latest article, on what the West can do to convince Khamenei to change his current nuclear policy.


مقاله اخیرم برای بی بی سی فارسی: “بمب عشق شهروندان اسرائیل برای مردم ایران.


Posted on : Mar 23 2012
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